An unknown number of animals, between tens and hundreds, are killed on the roads and railways in the Czech Republic every day. Neither the species involved nor the ratios are generally known.
This was the reason for making this application which should help fill the gaps in the data. This site shall be used by various types of users ranging from individual hunters, hunting associations, foresters and the Police of the Czech Republic to insurance companies, road administrators, environmentalists and the general public.
Any new entries on an animal-vehicle collision or an entry recording a dead animal will assist in improving our understanding of the pattern of these events and the circumstances in general behind these accidents.
This database will be regularly analyzed. The partial results will be published on this site every half year. The printed map “Black spots - Animal Vehicle Collisions” is the first output solely based on data from the Police database of traffic accidents.
Map: Black spots in Animal-vehicle collisions

Account or records deletion
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